The Rules!

Loot Quest, is a quick to learn, choice driven board game for 2-6 Players. A sample game introducing Players to the rules can be found below. Or you can download a PDF version of the rules book for yourself at:

Loot Quest Rule Book

General Tips

It's good to set a little gold aside for an emergency. Many quests require gold to gain cheaper Power, Items, or to avoid negative consequences.

While players can choose to be moral or immoral, it generally makes for an easier playing experience if you opt to be moral. Later in the game, there are many negative Quests aimed against immoral players.

It's a good idea to own and use Items, but the more players there are, the riskier it is to use Items offensively. In games with 4 or more players, it's best to use Items for defense, or sparingly.

Power is expensive, but can make the difference between winning and losing. The shortest routes through the game board are littered with monsters. In addition, a powerful Player can make guaranteed Gold by Monster slaying, and is difficult to slow down late game.

If a Player is nearing the Dragon's Loot, it is a good idea to start stocking up on Items instead of Power. Your only chance may be slowing them down!

Being the first Player to attempt to reach the Dragon's Loot in a tight game isn't always beneficial. If every other player is holding a full hand of Item cards, you'll likely be hit by a medley of Items to stop your progress. It's best to try to finish after all other Players have exhausted their supplies of Items.

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