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Heroic Tales

For our first tale, we meet Grogdor an 8-year old Role-playing as a Paladin character. Grogdor learned from his dad that Paladins are the nobelest of nobel, selflessly donating Items to other Players and accepting all positive Quests, regardless of outcome.

Grogdor was doing well, but late into the yellow zone, he had a sudden change of heart, stunning his poor dad with a Scroll of Stun Item, forcing his dad to Lose a Turn!

But little did Grogdor know, that his dad was holding a Chalice of Virtue Item. Dad immediately used the Item in retaliation, lowering Grogdor's Morality down to 2, making him evil! Grogdor was devestated. How could a Paladin be evil?! At the expense of winning the game, Grogdor spent all of his Gold buying the Chalice of Virtue back, so he could finish the the game Moral.

Our second tale also stars Grogdor, but this time, a malicious conjurer, determined to spread chaos across the battlefield. Throwing all ambitions for victory to the wind, Grogdor spent all of his hard-earned gold on Item cards alone. With relentless fury, Grogdor unleashed his spells.

What would the outcome be? No one knew. Who would he target next? It was all left to chance. Did you think you were safe being in last place? Think again! Grogdor would smite you with a Scroll of Stunning. Perhaps you thought you could sneak by that monster space unnoticed... Wrong again! Grogdor's eye is ever watchful! A Flask of Agility Item would ensure you land on the beast!

The game continued this way to the dismay of all other players. Grogdor was unstoppable. Without the will to win, he was unstoppable in his randomized mayhem. A pact was made! Only united could the heroes foil a conjurer gone mad. They formed an alliance, and joined the powers of their Items together. Whenever Grogdor struck henceforth, the heroes countered his mischief, ending his reign of terror once and for all!

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